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About us

Diamond manufacturing and creating jewelry is less science and more art. We have a family business legacy dating back 40 years, making us a trusted and reliable business partner and diamond expert for all delicate transactions.

At MPG, we have a strong management team comprised of the second and third generations of the family who are deeply committed to the organization's mission and values company. They always strive to ensure the success of the company and its stakeholders.


Our Vision

We aim to strengthen our position as the world's most trusted supplier of diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, silver, and pearls that are certified, high-quality, ethically sourced, and meticulously manufactured.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to inspire and make you fall in love with the beauty and elegance of JBA's exquisitely designed jewelry that makes heads turn and tells your unique story!

Our Values

JBA is building long-lasting relationships by valuing



Faith propels trust. Jewels by Anu approaches every decision and action with absolute and unwavering faith. Our people aim high at building abiding trust amongst customers, employees, clients, well-wishers, associates, and all stakeholders.


Hard Work

At JBA, we value persistence & hard work. This has been the key to our success in all our offerings. It is through our people's dedication to hard work that we can consistently meet milestones, setting higher standards for ourselves - our 40+ years' growth secret.



We passionately believe in providing freedom and ownership to foster innovation. This approach is adding value to all our services, empowering our people, and bringing uniqueness to the table every time since our inception.



Ideas can only be freely exchanged in a conducive environment. We strive to maintain it across all levels and functions. Integrated culture is something we take pride in at JBA; it is not just employees but also their families.